Tennessee Mother Receives Letter From Deceased Teen Son (Video)

A Tennessee mother received a letter from her teenage son more than a year after his death.

Cameron Sharp, who died in a car accident at age 17, wrote the letter seven years ago when he was just in a middle school.

Gail Sharp received it at her Andersonville address just days before Mother’s Day, WBIR reported.

The 30-word letter was part of an American history class assignment at Norris Middle School back in 2007. His teacher, Dale Caldwell, had asked students to write a letter to their future selves.

It said: “Dear Cameron, On this day my brother will graduate from middle school. On the same day I watched the movie Night at the Museum. My favorite teacher is Mr. Cawood.”

Caldwell sends the letters back to students the month of their high school graduation.

"When I ran across his for just a moment I paused and asked myself, 'Do I mail this?'" Caldwell told WBIR. "But I knew that probably it would be really special to his mother."

Gail Sharp was glad he did.

"I wasn't looking forward to Mother's Day and then we got that letter and it did make it special," she said.

She said she immediately recognized her son’s handwriting on the letter.

"I always thought his penmanship was atrocious. I always told him that he needs to practice on his penmanship," she said. "But looking at it now, it's a treasure to us."

Sources: New York Daily News, WBIR


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