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School: Confederate Flags And Attire Are Permitted

A Tennessee mother is worried about her son’s safety at his local high school after discovering students are permitted to fly Confederate flags and wear Confederate flag attire at school. 

The mother, of Rutherford County, recently contacted local news station WKRN to voice her concerns for her son being on campus after the teen came home this week and told her that kids were wearing Confederate flag T-shirts to class, WKRN reported.  Wednesday morning, she saw it for herself while dropping the 14-year-old off at Stewards Creek High School in Rutherford County.

The mother, who is black, requested her identity be kept anonymous, MSN reported. 

She said while dropping off the ninth-grader, she also witnessed the controversial flags flying in the back students’ trucks. 

“I felt sad and hurt when I saw that,” she told WKRN. “I just don’t think it should be in schools.”

She is now questioning the freedom the students are allowed, permitting them to openly display the Confederate flag on school grounds.

“I don’t think it is the appropriate place for my child to be subjected to this,” she said, adding that the flag is a symbol of hatred for her.

Upon contacting the school district, the concerned mother was told by officials there was nothing to be done about the issue. 

“As a school district, we can’t prohibit such items unless it is causing a disturbance at school,” Rutherford County Schools spokesman James Evans told WKRN, including that under the First Amendment, students are given right to express their beliefs.

Several schools in a nearby county have banned the Confederate flag in their dress codes, including Cheatham County Middle School, Harpeth Middle School and Sycamore Middle School.

The mother said she would like to see some kind of policy change in her district as well, WKRN reported.  

Source: MSN, WKRN

Photo credit: MSN


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