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Tennessee Mayor Scott Ferguson Resigns After Being Busted With Two Wives

Scott Ferguson resigned from his position as mayor of Oakland, Tenn., after it was discovered that he had two wives. The Oakland Board of Aldermen accepted his resignation on Wednesday night. The vice-mayor was sworn in.

A marriage certificate and court documents filed by Miguelina Mora show that the two were married a few weeks ago on Valentine's Day in West Memphis. The problem is Ferguson was already married to his first wife, Laurie. They have four children. "I decided to resign because I have not been true to my wife and I have neglected my family," he said.

Mora is asking for a divorce or an annulment because Ferguson was already hitched when he married her, reports Fox 19.

"I don't know him personally, but he was a Church of Christ preacher when he was elected mayor," said Oakland resident Gary Busby. "Very disappointed."

There is a photo of Ferguson circulating in Oakland that has him concerned. It’s not clear what the photograph is of, or who, but he reportedly doesn’t know who took it. Ferguson has also said he is trying to reconcile with his wife. He didn’t specify which one.

District attorney Mike Dunavant said Crittenden County has jurisdiction over the second marriage since it happened there. Mora is asking for alimony from Ferguson.

Source: Fox 19


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