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Man Posted Worrisome Facebook Statuses Before Murder-Suicide

A Tennessee man, who police say fatally shot his estranged wife Wednesday morning before shooting and killing himself, reportedly made numerous posts to his Facebook page before the incident. 

Counselors who spoke with WMC News said the posts might have been a cry for help.

"My God, My Redeemer, take every hurt, pain, feeling, emotion & thought that's not of you out of me God. Deliver me from even the thought of sin lord,” was the last post Rodriquez Hunter made before taking his own life in front of a Memphis grocery store. 

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Police believe Hunter arrived in the parking lot there around 5:40 a.m., about the same time his estranged wife, Chatoya Hunter, was arriving for an early morning shift at the store. 

Police told WHBQ News that Rodriquez Hunter rammed his wife’s vehicle on the driver’s side with the SUV he was driving. They said she exited her car from the passenger side and began to run but Rodriquez Hunter began firing shots at her. 

Witnesses at the store called police. When officers arrived, Chatoya Hunter was on the ground, dead of a gunshot wound. Rodriquez Hunter reportedly pointed his gun at an officer and asked the officer to kill him. Moments later he shot himself, police said. 

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Jennifer Pike, a domestic violence counselor who spoke to WMC, said the final post Rodriquez Hunter made could have been seen as a red flag. 

"Well it sounds like he was really overwhelmed and he was trying to get that social support and trying to find some way to feel better," Pike said.

He also made similar posts before the apparent murder-suicide. 

“To all my friends who are going through some tough times right now, let’s start an intentional prayer avalanche,” one post read in part, according to WREG News. 

Rodriquez Hunter’s stepdaughter, Tierra Bonner, told WREG she had been afraid that her stepfather would eventually kill her mother. 

“We feared that he was kind of off and that he was possible of doing something like this because of the stuff he used to do like if she didn’t want to talk to him he would go around and like break stuff in the house,” she said.

Bonner said her mom should have sought help for the volatile relationship. 

The couple had been separated for about three years. 

“I feel if she would have involved the police a little while ago it probably would have been prevented,” Bonner said.

Pike said that the calls for prayer and the hope for change seen in Rodriquez Hunter's final posts are a common part of relationships where domestic violence is occurring. 

“Part of the cycle of abuse are promises for change,” she said. “‘I'll never do that again. I promise you I'm not going to hit you again. I'll promise you I'll change.’”

Sources: WMC NewsWHBQ NewsWREG News / Photo Credit: WMC News


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