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Tennessee Man Shot In Groin Trying to Break Into Apartment

A Tennessee burglar was shot in the groin by the man he was attempting to steal from, narrowly escaping with his life.

According to local news station WBBJ, David R. Miles Jr, 30, of Dyersburg, was found by officers with a single gunshot wound and summarily charged with aggravated burglary.

Miles had been trying to rob a resident of an apartment complex by breaking in through a window.

Neighborhood residents knew Miles and never expected that he would attempt a robbery.

"He was nice, quiet, didn't bother nobody," neighbor Robert Holloway said. "I was surprised when I heard that.”

“But if you're breaking a window, that's what you get."

Residents generally agreed that the man had gotten what was coming to him— and should even consider himself lucky. 

"I think it's bad that something like that could happen, you know, people breaking into people's houses and getting shot," neighbor Diane Thomas said. "People got to protect themselves, it's just a bad situation."

"He's blessed that he did get away with just that, a shot in the groin, you know,because it could have been worse," she added.

According to police, Miles has pending domestic assault charges on his record. They also know that he had had a relationship with one of the occupants of the apartment complex. His motive for the break-in is unknown.

Sources: WBBJ


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