Tennessee Man Says He Stole Boss' Truck To Go To Jail And Get Away From His Wife


A Tennessee inmate says that he stole his boss' pickup truck and drove it into a creek so that he could go to jail and get away from his wife.

Hayden Scott Vandiver, 51, was jailed for stealing his former boss' $60,000 truck and driving it into a creek on Sept. 27. He was charged with burglary, drunk driving, and vandalism.

In an interview with News 2 from behind bars, he said that he did it all to get away from his wife.

Smiling through the interview, he said, "She knows I done this to get away from her," and he added that he hopes she was watching.

Vandiver hadn't worked for his ex-boss, Michael Sloan, for over a year, but he said that in addition to trying to take some time away from his wife, he still wanted to get even for what he considered to be poor treatment from his former employer.

"I hate people who disrespect their employees and all they care about it whether they are going to work for them," he said.

To get back at his boss, he decided to steal his 2012 Dodge 2500 pickup truck and the trailer attached, valued at $60,000 total, and he drove it 1.5 miles into a creek with the doors open.

When asked why he drove the truck into a creek, he responded, "Cause I like driving in a creek."

Vandiver claims that he was on drugs when he committed the crimes and that he planned on getting caught.

Sources: NY Daily News, News 2

Photo Credit: News 2


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