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Tennessee Man Finds $10 Bill In Salad

Kyle Hubbard found more than one type of green in the salad he bought from Target in Cordova, Tennessee, on Oct. 21. Although Fresh Express 50/50 Mix is supposed to only contain baby spinach and spring mix, he found a $10 bill in the sealed bag, The Daily Meal reported.

"It was kind of shocking to see that,” Hubbard told WMC. "There's a very obvious $10 bill inside.”

Hubbard is worried the bill is a sign of contamination. "You've seen some salad tainted with E. coli and listeria and those are germs and that's hard to see," Hubbard said. "But when it's a more blatant object that's clearly visible, it's quite concerning how that made it outside the doors of that facility.”

Hubbard said Target offered him $24 worth of coupons, but that he declined.

“At Target, we take food quality very seriously,” a representative told WMC. “I have shared the information with our team and would encourage you to reach out to Fresh Express directly.”

It is not known if Hubbard got to keep the $10. 

Sources: The Daily Meal, WMC / Photo credit: WMC


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