Tennessee Man Danny Smith Arrested After Calling 911 Three Times, Complained of One Penny Beer Overcharge


Tennessee man Danny Smith was arrested when he called 911 three times in a row complaining he had been overcharged for a beer by one penny.

The 51-year-old purchased a Heineken in Memphis and first called 911 when to complain that the store clerk owed him 1 cent in change.

Smith was told he should not dial 911 in non-life threatening situations and that the overcharge was a civil matter. Several officers arrived only to be annoyed by Smith’s call.

Smith then called a second time, only to have the instructions on emergency situations repeated. This time, police stayed back to talk with the store clerk who denied Smith the owed penny.

While police began talking to the store clerk, Smith walked across the Night and Day Food Markey and called a third time on the non-emergency number for help.

Smith explained that he felt “police was not helping him get his penny back from the business.”

By this time, police decided to arrest him for his second 911 call and for abusing the system.

Smith was booked at Shelby County jail on a misdemeanor charge and released Wednesday, posting a $250 bond.

It is uncertain whether Smith will pursue civil litigation against the Night and Day Food Market.

Sources: DailyMail, The Smoking Gun


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