Serial Child Abuser Charged With Murder After His Daughters Dies 22 Years After The Assault


A serial child abuser in Tennessee was charged with the murder of his adult daughter, who died last year from injuries she sustained from a beating in 1992.

Anthony Shannon Lane, 41, was convicted of aggravated child abuse and served 10 years for brutally beating his 5-week-old daughter Amanda Lane-Woodall in 1992.

Amanda was left severely disabled from the assault. She could not see, walk, talk or eat on her own. She was bedridden her entire life.

Last year, at age 22, Amanda died and state medical examiners say her death was a direct result of the trauma inflicted on her by her father decades ago.

Lane, who is already serving a 25-year sentence for abusing his infant son, was charged with first-degree murder on Monday.

Upon his release from jail in 1992, Lane had another child, Ryan. Beatings have also left him severely disabled. Ryan suffers from epilepsy, blindness and cerebral palsy.

In 2003, he was convicted again of aggravated child abuse and sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Amanda’s foster mother and caretaker, Nancy Woodall-Holmes, says Amanda had a special relationship with Ryan, who was also adopted, although they could never have a conversation.

"She and Ryan had their wheelchairs next to each other, and their hands touched," Woodall-Holmes said in a release. "It was like they made a connection with each other."

She says she hopes Lane's case makes others hesitant to let violence child abusers out of jail to become repeat offenders.

Lane is being held in Rutherford County Adult Detention Center. He is due in court again on July 18.

Sources: WBIR-TV, New York Daily News


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