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Tennessee Man Bullied, Car Searched At DUI Checkpoint for Being Rude to a Cop? (Video)

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A Tennessee man alleges that a Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy bullied him and searched his car without consent at a 4th of July DUI checkpoint in Murfreesboro. A video of the incident uploaded to YouTube has left a lot of people wondering if the unidentified 21-year-old didn’t act strangely or disrespectfully in an attempt to get officers to detain him at the checkpoint.

When the deputy asks the man to rolled down his window, he refuses to roll it down all the way. His voice shaky, almost as if he is nervous. When the deputy asked his age, he says, “Is that a required question to answer?”

“Yes sir, it is,” responds Deputy Ross.

“This citizen lawyer is beyond obnoxious,” wrote Boomstick 80 on the Reddit forum. “I lost all sympathy 20 seconds in when he told the officer the window was fine. That was rude, evasive and uncalled for."

The YouTube description states:

Rutherford County Sheriff’s Deputy A.J. Ross orders me to pull over and get ouf of my car, bullies me around, gets the drug sniffing K-9, lies about me having "Illegal Drugs" in the car, searches without consent, and tells me that it is ok to take away my freedom.

On video, we hear Ross tell another officer “but he’s perfectly innocent, and he knows his rights.” They continue to search the car as Ross says, “He knows what the Constitution says.”

Just then an officer discovers the video camera (at the 5:20 mark). “A.J., it’s running,” he says.

Ross picks up the camera and seems to turn it away from him, although it continues to film blackness. It is unclear was Ross does to the camera, but, obviously, the man got his camera back.

The caption on the video then says, “I was yelled at, bossed around, my car ransacked without my consent, had my rights taken away from me, all because of my window.”

Did this happen all because of a window? Or did this happen all because a 21-year-old  acted evasive or even petulant?


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