Tennessee Man Caught Seeking Young, Inexperienced Girl Online, Police Say


A Tennessee man was arrested in Boone, North Carolina, after he posted an ad online seeking a “young and inexperienced” girl to have sexual relations with, police said.

Police have not specified which website the ad was posted on because it’s commonly used by child predators and they don’t want criminals to know that police search it, reports KTBC.

Investigators initially looked into a suspicious ad on the website, which noted that an older man, Terry Campbell II, 34, was looking for a younger and less experienced girl. When police suspected the ad was made by a predator, one officer posed as a 14-year-old girl and responded to the ad.

“The Boone Police Department is making a statement against these predators that target our children,” Dana Crawford, chief of police, said, according to WKPT-TV. “Our officers are working hard to protect the children in our community. We will continue to be diligent in working these very difficult cases.”

The officer, posing as a young girl, and Campbell, eventually made plans to meet in Boone. When officers saw Campbell traveling to the meeting location at the correct date and time, they approached and interviewed him.

Following the interview, Campbell was arrested.

A search of Campbell's car reportedly led to further evidence that the man had intended to meet the girl for sexual purposes, according to WKPT-TV.

Investigations Commander Chris Hatton noted that Campbell's case was especially concerning because he used advanced techniques to remain almost anonymous to police on the website.

Sources: KTBC, WKPT-TV / Photo credit: Police photo via KTBC

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