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Police: Man Beat His Wife Then Sent Photos To His Son

A Tennessee man was charged with aggravated assault after being accused of attacking his wife and sending photographs of her injuries to his son. 

Officers arrested James McDaniel, of Bartlett, Tennessee, after his wife was taken to Regional Medical Center in critical condition, according to a police report obtained by WREG. 

Police said that during the night of Sept. 21, and going into the the early morning, McDaniel got in a fight with his wife and beat her with a piece of wood.

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Investigators reportedly said McDaniel took pictures of his wife’s injuries and sent them to his son’s phone. The son allegedly showed the pictures to police, and McDaniel was arrested.

Police told WMC they believe the attack happened in an RV behind the couple’s home. The victim, 69, reportedly said the two had been arguing when her husband punched her in the face then hit her in the face with a wooden board. 

She had a broken wrist, fractures in her face and brain trauma, according to WMC.

McDaniel, 67, appeared in court later the same week, according to a second story from WREG. A judge bound his case over to a Memphis court because Bartlett doesn’t handle felony cases, the Bartlett Clerk's Office told WREG.

His bail was set at $150,000.

It is unclear what the fight between McDaniel and his wife was about.

Sources: WREG(2), WMC / Photo credit: Bartlett Police Department via WMC, WREG

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