Tennessee Investigator Intimidated Black People With Lynching Story (Video)


Tennessee medical service investigator William Sewell was recently fired after he reportedly intimidated black people with a story about lynching.

Shun Mullins, an African-American, filed a complaint claiming that his mother died after a deputy fire chief refused to perform CPR because she was black and falsified medical reports, noted RawStory.com.

Mullins met with Sewell about his complaint, but the meeting turned bizarre (video below).

"[Sewell's] very first question was, ‘Mr. Mullins have you ever been to the penitentiary?” Mullins told News Channel 5. “That was more than insulting to me.”

“Mr. Sewell goes into a story about a hanging, that he had been told, about the hanging of a black man,” added Mullins.

NAACP member Sheryl Allen and friend Judy Mainord were at the meeting and backed up Mullins' account.

Sewell reportedly told Mullins how he owned a “strap” of the black man’s skin.

“It was my impression he still had it at his house,” stated Mullins. “The way he enjoyed telling the story, I thought perhaps he was still using it.”

The Tennessee Department of Health ruled that Sewell’s question about prison and the lynching story may have been a “form of intimidation."

“If they chose to conclude that was an intimidating comment, I’m sorry,” Sewell told News Channel 5. “It was a gruesome story. I got caught up in the moment trying to convince these people that I understood, and I just went too far.”

“I went downstairs in my storage, I went through entire boxes, but that strap is gone,” added Sewell.

Sources: News Channel 5 and RawStory.com


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