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Tennessee Investigator Intimidated Black People With Lynching Story (Video)

Tennessee medical service investigator William Sewell was recently fired after he reportedly intimidated black people with a story about lynching.

Shun Mullins, an African-American, filed a complaint claiming that his mother died after a deputy fire chief refused to perform CPR because she was black and falsified medical reports, noted

Mullins met with Sewell about his complaint, but the meeting turned bizarre (video below).

"[Sewell's] very first question was, ‘Mr. Mullins have you ever been to the penitentiary?” Mullins told News Channel 5. “That was more than insulting to me.”

“Mr. Sewell goes into a story about a hanging, that he had been told, about the hanging of a black man,” added Mullins.

NAACP member Sheryl Allen and friend Judy Mainord were at the meeting and backed up Mullins' account.

Sewell reportedly told Mullins how he owned a “strap” of the black man’s skin.

“It was my impression he still had it at his house,” stated Mullins. “The way he enjoyed telling the story, I thought perhaps he was still using it.”

The Tennessee Department of Health ruled that Sewell’s question about prison and the lynching story may have been a “form of intimidation."

“If they chose to conclude that was an intimidating comment, I’m sorry,” Sewell told News Channel 5. “It was a gruesome story. I got caught up in the moment trying to convince these people that I understood, and I just went too far.”

“I went downstairs in my storage, I went through entire boxes, but that strap is gone,” added Sewell.

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