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Tennessee Father Arrested For Beating Up Man He Says Tried To Solicit His Daughters

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A father in Maury County, Tennessee, was arrested for allegedly beating up a man accused of soliciting his two daughters.

According to reports, Kenneth Faulkner, 30, was arrested on July 9 and charged with aggravated assault after Thomas Williams, 67, was sentenced to supervised probation for attempting to solicit his young children. The children are reportedly related to Williams by marriage.

Faulkner originally suspected that Williams was sexually abusing his 4- and 7-year-old daughters in December 2014 and reported it to local police. On March 5, Williams was indicted by a Maury County Grand Jury on two counts of solicitation of a minor.

The charge is defined as “unlawfully and intentionally and being eighteen years of age or older, by means of oral, written, or electronic communication, electronic mail or Internet services, directly or through another, to intentionally command, request, hire, persuade, invite or attempt to induce a person, to-wit to engage in the offense of sexual battery by an authority figure.”

Williams was arrested on April 13 and released on $2,000 bail the same day.

After he learned Williams pleaded guilty on July 9 to the charges against him but would ultimately not serve jail time, Faulkner became furious.

“He opened the door and came outside, and I asked him, ‘Why did you do it to my children?’ And all he could say was he didn’t know. I kicked his butt,” Faulkner said.

Williams told police Faulkner punched him in the face and threw him down some stairs. He estimated that, in total, Faulkner punched him 10 or more times.

Circuit Court Judge Robert Jones told reporters he didn’t believe Williams’ sentence was too light, considering that he hadn’t been charged with having any physical contact with the children. He will be required to register as a sex offender.

Williams was also believed to be suffering from dementia, according to Jones.

Sources: Fox 21 News, WTVC / Photo credit: Screenshot Fox 21 News


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