Tennessee Couple Murdered For Unfriending Woman On Facebook


A mother and daughter are currently on trial in Tennessee for the murder of a couple who unfriended the daughter on Facebook.

Barbara Potter and her daughter, Jenelle Potter, allegedly developed a conspiracy to murder Bill Payne and his fiancee, Billie Jean Hayworth. The pair were shot to death at their home in January 2012.

Marvin Potter, Barbara’s husband, was convicted of first-degree murder in 2013, and is currently serving two life sentences. Jamie Curd, Jenelle’s boyfriend, is also due to go on trial for his involvement in the killings.

However, the prosecution argued that Barbara and her daughter were guilty of persuading the two men to carry out the murders.

The prosecution presented email evidence to the court on Thursday, which they say proves a conspiracy existed within the Potter family to murder Payne and Hayworth.

“I hope Bill and them get what's coming to them..l wish i could kill them but right now i really can’t,” Curd wrote in an email to “Chris,” a fictional person created by Jenelle.

“We’ve had enough and we want peace and no one here wants to kill anyone, but we will ... we will kill to protect our own,” Barbara wrote from her email account to “Chris.”

Jury members were also shown an email sent by Barbara to herself 15 days prior to the double-murder, containing an article entitled, “Can God forgive a murder?”

“This is going to be the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard,” Assistant District Attorney Dennis Brooks said in court.“This is going to be the craziest thing you’ve ever heard. This is the story of a manufactured conflict born from the mind of a very bored and lonely 30-year-old woman.”

According to the prosecution, Jenelle created several other fake online profiles, which she used to communicate with Barbara and Curd.

Jenelle and her defense team claim that Hayworth and Payne were guilty of harassment. They allege that Jenelle’s Facebook account was hacked and that she previously took the couple to court over the hacking.

In the ongoing court proceedings, both Barbara and Jenelle have pleaded not guilty.

Sources: Johnson City PressDaily Beast

Photo Credit: Daily Beast


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