Tennessee Couple Allegedly Left Three Dogs To Starve In Abandoned Home

A Tennessee couple is accused of abandoning their small dogs in a rental home after Newport police found one dead dog and two others that were malnourished.

James and April Hux were charged with animal cruelty.

Their landlord told police they hadn’t paid rent in several months and the electricity had been shut off at least three weeks ago. He said he assumed the couple abandoned the place.

He called police Sunday after discovering the dogs barking inside.

The remaining dogs were skinny and covered in fleas, the landlord said.

The home was filled with garbage, cockroaches and had a horrible smell, he said.

He discovered a dead Chihuahua in the hallway. An animal control officer told WFMY that the animal probably died of starvation.

The other two dogs were taken to a shelter.

When police located the Hux’s the couple claimed they had been feeding the dogs every few days.

Sources: WFMY, WBIR

Image credit: Flickr Creative Commons / anthony kelly


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