Tennessee Cop Attacked By Crowd During Arrest (Video)


Nashville, Tennessee, police ifficer Matthew Cammarn was attacked by bystanders on April 12 while he wrestled on the ground with a suspect (video below).

Cammarn responded to a call of gun shots and domestic abuse outside a housing complex in the east side of the city where he witnessed 22-year-old Brian Shannon allegedly assault a woman, notes WTVF.

Cammarn tried to arrest Shannon, and the two ended up rolling around in a struggle while dozens of people watched and shouted.

During the struggle, some of the bystanders hit and kicked Cammarn, and pulled him off Shannon.

In the video, Cammarn chased after one of the bystanders, who kicked him while some in the crowd appeared to celebrate.

"It just went down!," shouted an unidentified man who filmed the video.

Cammarn was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and released on April 13.

According to the Metro Nashville Police Department, Shannon and an unidentified 17-year-old juvenile were arrested and charged with numerous crimes.

In response to the attack, the police department tweeted on April 12, "Officer Cammarn was the MNPD's 2015 Officer of the Year for saving the life of a 17 yr old gunshot victim."

Police officer Josh Hausman and two other officers answered a call about a fight in the same area on April 11. Hausman was stabbed in the hand while trying to break up a brawl between two females.

Metro Nashville Police Department police chief Steve Anderson said on April 13 that police patrols and mobile cameras in the area would be increased, reports the New York Daily News.

"The 1,900 persons who reside in James Cayce Homes deserve a safe and peaceful community, and this police department is working with them to accomplish just that," Anderson said.

However, judging by the video there is a serious disconnect between residents and the police.


Sources: WTVF, New York Daily News, Metro Nashville PD/Twitter / Photo credit: NewsChannel 5/YouTube

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