Tenneessee about to ban the mention of homosexuality (at all) in most grades

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Here's a really, really, stupid anti-gay bill. I know, they are all stupid, but this one, unfortunately on its' way of becoming law in Tennessee it seems, is really stupid. It will ban any mention of homosexuality, homosexuals, gays, and maybe the  T.V. show Glee, before the 9th grade in Tennessee public schools. Any mention whatsoever. For example, a teacher in the 8th grade talks about Oscar Wilde and the fact that he was sent to prison. If the student asks why Wilde was sent, the teacher couldn't bring up the fact that he was convicted of sodomy, or consensual sex with another male. Something, that many of the people who support this law, would like to reinstate as a criminal punishment.

 I have said it before and I will say it again, the Christian ultra-right is not just against gay rights and homosexuality, they hate you, if you are gay. You, personally. If you state, that you are not gay anymore, then they will give you that Christian love, they talk so much about. That is of course, until the brainwashing by them, wears off.


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