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'I Wasn't Nervous': Young Girl Shoots 13-Foot, 800-Pound Alligator With Crossbow (Photo)

A 10-year-old girl from Texas won a top hunting prize after using a crossbow to shoot an alligator three times her size.

"I wasn't nervous," Ella Hawk, the young huntress, told the Victoria Advocate.

Ella killed the 13-foot, 800-pound creature with one shot above the eyes during a trip on the Guadalupe River near Victoria, Texas, on Sept. 27.

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"The first shot paralyzed and killed him," said Ella, who shot the animal from 15 yards away.

The kill was large enough to rank number one in the Trophy Game Records of the World. It also increases Ella's chances of winning the online record book's Huntress of the Year award for the second year in a row.

"I was more nervous than her before the shot," Tony Hawk, Ella's father, said. "She has nerves of steel before the shot. She's just gifted like that, I guess."

Both Tony and his wife, Cindy, are seasoned hunters, the Daily Mail reports.

Ella thoroughly prepared for this record-making kill, according to the Victoria Advocate. She has been hunting for a few years and prepared for this outing by shooting several practice crossbow shots from an elevated position, which is necessary when attempting to hunt an animal such as an alligator.

"It could have been a rodeo," said Ryan Longer, the hunting guide who accompanied the girl and her parents on this trip. "It worked out in all aspects. It was like a crocodile hunt in Africa."

To make sure that the creature was dead, Longer asked Ella to shoot it with two more arrows and a .243 pistol. The bullet and one of the arrows hit the alligator in the same spot as the original crossbow arrow.

“She Robin-Hooded it,” Longer said.

"I have more confidence in her than probably more than 90 percent of the grown men I take on hunts," he added.

Sources: The Victoria Advocate, Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Yahoo News


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