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Ten-Year-Old Daughter of Cop Wins Science Fair with Cocaine Experiment

The 10-year-old daughter of a Miami narcotics detective decided to compete in her school's science fair with a project testing dogs' ability to detect a stash of cocaine. 

Emma Bartelt received a blue ribbon for her experiment. She never handled the drugs, as Miami-Dade Police Det. Douglas Bartelt and two drug cops helped hide them for the dogs to find. 

The experiment was done on police grounds and involved three different dogs. 

"It was kinda my idea, because I wanted to do my dad's job," Emma said. 

A springer spaniel, a golden retriever, and a chocolate lab all competed to find the cocaine first. An ounce of it was hidden in two different rooms. 

Emma received top prize at Coral Gables Preparatory Academy and the county-wide fair gave her an honorable mention. 

Though the experiment involved drugs, the district had no issues with it. 

"The student's science project involved a very unusual set of circumstance, including having a parent who is a well-respected police detective with experience in training dogs that sniff for illegal substances," a statement said. 

"From our understanding, the parent was the only person involved in working directly with the dogs and the hidden substances, which took place at a police training facility."

Franky the chocolate lab was named the winner, he sniffed out the drugs in just 43 seconds.


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