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Tell the Dept. of Transportation to Stop Burning Animals

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Animal tests are a one-way street to pain and suffering, and the
Department of Transportation (DOT) continues to recommend animal tests
that cause tremendous suffering for rabbits—even though a completely
non-animal test known as Corrositex® satisfies the DOT's needs without
killing a single animal.

Almost 17 years ago, the DOT agreed to start using Corrositex®. Corrositex® provides accurate information, and in the DOT's own words, it "may be more stringent than the skin necrosis [rabbit] test." Yet in 2009, the agency is still telling companies to use the rabbit test!

Shockingly, the DOT has even advised some companies to use both the rabbit test and the Corrositex® test so that the companies can choose whichever result they prefer!

In order to test corrosive chemicals before they are transported, the DOT still allows rabbits' backs to be shaved and corrosive chemicals to be applied to their raw skin and left there for up to two weeks. These
chemicals often burn the skin, leading to tissue damage. Rabbits are
given no pain relief during this excruciating test, and after the test
is finished, the animals are killed.

PETA has asked the DOT to make it clear that the rabbit skin test is not a requirement and that Corrositex® is an approved replacement. We have asked the agency to simplify the procedures for companies to use Corrositex®. To date, DOT officials have failed to respond to this issue.


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