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Tell South Dakota Not to Run Down Coyotes

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Ranchers in South Dakota are asking state legislators to approve a bill that, if passed, would allow residents to chase down coyotes using snowmobiles—an exceedingly cruel practice.

Coyotes are loyal, sensitive wild animals, and, to them, the noise of marauding snowmobiles is unimaginable. They are then chased to the point of exhaustion and shot. Many wind up being run over by the vehicles and are badly injured. Killing them can also backfire. Surviving pack members will breed in order to replace lost family members, and more animals will move in from outlying areas to use available resources.

Sadly, after hearing from supporters of the bill, the South Dakota Senate actually passed it. Now the bill is headed to the House of Representatives. Please e-mail the South Dakota House of Representatives and urge it to oppose cruel coyote killings by voting "No" on SB 55.

Written by Michelle Sherrow


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