Teens Given Long Sentences For Murder Of 16-Year-Old

Two Michigan teenagers face decades in prison after being sentenced Sept. 7 for the murder of 16-year-old Michael White in March.

Quentin Schafer and Carlos Delgado, both 15, previously pleaded guilty to first-degree murder of the high school junior, according to WZZM.

A man walking his dog discovered White’s badly beaten body in a park in Wyoming, Michigan. Investigators later found a broken knife, brass knuckles and White’s skateboard covered in blood at the scene.

At the sentencing hearing, White’s mother brought her son’s ashes to court.

“This is what I’m left with,” Kelly Ann Hogan said.

“I miss him every day,” she added. “Our family will never be the same.”

During the trial, investigators testified they had found White and Schafer’s DNA on the brass knuckles, and phone records showed that Delgado had been in contact with White on the night of his death.

“Just stop, just leave me, just leave me here to die,” White told his attackers after being wounded, according to an officer’s testimony.

The doctor who performed White’s autopsy testified that the teenager had more than 20 stab and sharp-force wounds and five-blunt force trauma injuries to his head, WXMI reported.

Officers also found a bloodied pair of jeans in Delgado’s bedroom.

Defense lawyers sought to argue that Schafer and Delgado had shown remorse and should be eligible for parole after 30 years. The prosecution asked for a sentence of 40 years.

Judge George Buth sentenced the pair to between 40 and 75 years, meaning they will have the possibility of parole at the age of 55.

“This is a brutal, senseless murder,” Buth added. “I think we all realize that, especially you two defendants. This is a tragedy all the way around, especially for the victim here and his family.”

“I would just add that it’s a tragedy for you two and your friends and family,” he told the perpetrators.

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 2012 that teenage killers could not be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. Michigan law still gives judges the option to do so, but the guilty pleas by Schafer and Delgado ensured this would not take place. Schafer and Delgado were both charged as adults in the crime.

Friends and family members of White told WXMI that he made friends and brought groups of people together easily.

Sources: WZZM via Detroit Free Press, WXMI / Photo credit: WZZM via Detroit Free Press

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