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Teens Who Brutally Murdered Man Sob When Judge Drops Some Bad News On Them (Video)

Three detained South Carolina teens were denied bond following a home invasion that turned deadly (video below).

Two of the teenaged suspects broke down in tears as the judge in Berkley County announced that bond would be denied. Their families spoke in an attempt to sway the decision the other way.

“Jacob's my best friend, I know what he did was wrong, I completely understand that, but he’s not a bad person,” the sister of 17-year-old suspect Jacob Mouzon told the judge.

Jacob, along with 18-year-old Drake Campbell and 25-year-old Kenneth Campbell -- and two others who remain on the loose -- were responsible for the shooting death of 27-year-old Kadeem Johnson, who was found in his home. He was bound and forced to his knees while the suspects burglarized his home, and was shot execution style, WCIV reported. 

“I would like to apologize to the family for my son,” Jacob’s mother said at the bond hearing. “He’s not a horrible person like everybody thinks, and our family is in shock.” Jacob was said to have plans to join the National Guard, and Drake had recently joined the Navy.

“These are not awful terrible kids,” a family member said. 

Jacob and Drake were ultimately captured after officers received a tip as to their whereabouts, WCBD reported. 

“They were captured by Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office deputies and SLED’s hound tracking team,” Berkley County Sheriff Duane Lewis said. “SLED put the bloodhound tracking team on the ground with our K-9 officers as support and picked up the track real quick."

The motive for the shooting is unknown, and police are currently searching for the remaining two suspects.

“We are hoping in the next day or so, we will have a better, clearer message of what the motive was in this murder that we have,” Lewis said. 

Watch more on the bond hearing in the video below.


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