Teens Vandalize Cars, Then Call Cops For Help When One of Their Victims Pursues Them

SANTA FE, N.M. – After a group of teenage suspects vandalized residents’ vehicles, one of their victims pursued them in his car.

Police received calls from multiple people complaining that crooks had shot at their cars and smashed their windshields.

Officials say that one of these victims jumped into his car and followed the teenagers until they became so frightened that they called the police.

“Every time we speed up, that car speeds up and tries to keep up with us,” the teens allegedly told the 911 dispatcher.

Officers responded to the call, whereupon they arrested the five teenagers.

Police have said that the teens admitted to driving around neighborhoods and shooting people’s cars with their BB guns.

“It’s hurtful because I’ve worked so hard to pay off his car,” said one of their victims, recent widow and single mother Christina Ferrero. “It’s just frustrating that now I have to come up with the money,” she added.

Celina Espinoza of the Santa Fe police said that the incident should serve as a reminder for parents to “know where your children are. Know what they’re up to.”

“Now, this is going to follow them around,” Espinoza added. “What they thought was simply having fun, was actually criminal damage and serious charges.”

Luciano Romero, 18, and his 15, 16, and 17-year-old friends were all arrested. Now, they face charges not only because of the property damage they caused but, because police found marijuana pipes in the car, they also face drug paraphernalia charges.

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Photo Sources: www.donnaandrews.com, Touch of Glass NY


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