Teens Throw Cat In Washing Machine As Punishment For Not Using Litter Tray (Video)


A disturbing video has surfaced online showing two teenagers throwing a cat into a washing machine.

According to the video’s description, which identifies the teens as “animal abusers,” the cat was put into the washing machine “to teach it a lesson about not using the litter tray.”

The footage (video below) starts with one of the teens pointing the camera at the washing machine with the cat already inside. They then turn the washing machine on and the cat can be heard meowing and panicking as water begins pouring in.

Both teenagers can be heard laughing as the cat cries for help. One of the teens is heard saying: “He is trying to open the door. Is there enough air? Nothing will happen in two minutes.”

At the end of the video, the cat owners open the door of the washing machine and the drenched cat is seen frantically running away.

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The video is now being investigated by police.

Sources: Metro, YouTube

Photo Credit: Metro


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