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Teen's Suicide Note Says He Wished To Stop Bullying With His Death

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A high school student who committed suicide left behind a note stating that he hoped to prevent bullying with his death.

Kennedy LeRoy, 16, took his own life in his bedroom last Friday after struggling with bullying and depression as well as Asperger’s Syndrome. He attended high school in Chino Hills, California.

His father, Chris LeRoy, read parts of the two-page suicide note to reporters.

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“One of the biggest reasons why I killed myself is to prevent suicides,” he read. “I want to prevent anyone I can from hurting.”

Kennedy had long battled with bullying in school. The sophomore hoped that his death would cause bullies to think about their actions and the effects they have on others.

The family says they had no idea that this was still an issue for Kennedy.

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“We thought we were doing the best we could,” Mr LeRoy told NBC, “the school thought they were doing the best we could, we can’t fault them.”

Despite having Kennedy and his bully sign a “No Contact Contract,” he was still bullied in school. In his letter, he revealed the truth to his family.

“He said he would lie through his teeth so we wouldn’t know,” Mr LeRoy told CBS Los Angeles. “The bullying was constant.”

In the letter, Kennedy went into detail about what his bully did to him.

"His favorite tactic was to look at me until I noticed him," Mr Leroy read. "and turn to his friends and say 'God hates [an expletive].'"

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“It’s hard,” Kennedy's sister Kaelyn told CBS, “I was really close to my little brother.”

The letter continued warning others of bullying.

“Words can hurt as much as, if not more than, physical blows,” it read.

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The LeRoys now hope that Kennedy’s death will also teach children that suicide is not the answer.

“If his death could save somebody else, that’s what he was looking for,” Mr LeRoy told CBS.

“This is not the solution because you miss out on so much more to life,” Kennedy's brother Kent added.

The family notes that they also feel bad for Kennedy's bully, because he must be feeling tremendous guilt, NBC reported.

A prayer service will be held in his honor on Thursday evening.

Source: CBS, NBC

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