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Teens Steal What They Thought Was Cocaine, Turns Out To Be A Man's Ashes

Three Missouri teenagers broke into a St. Charles County home and stole what they thought was cocaine but turned out to be a man’s cremated remains, Fox 2 news reports.

The robbery occurred in November 2014. Devin Gesell, 17, and two teenage accomplices, ages 15 and 16, broke into a home in St. Peters.

According to police, the three teenagers were acquaintances of the family that lived in the home. They planned the robbery after learning through Facebook that the family would be out of town.

Gesell later told police that he acted as a lookout while the other two broke into the residence and stole an Xbox 360, cash, jewelry, prescription bottles of oxycodone and morphine, and what they thought was cocaine in a wooden box.

They fled the scene by car, and one of the teens decided to have a taste of the “cocaine.” That’s when he realized he made a horrible mistake.

The mysterious powder they found in the wooden box was not cocaine at all. It was the cremated remains of the homeowner’s father. The teens threw the box out of the car window, police said.

But that wasn’t the only mistake the three stooges made.

One of the culprits logged into Xbox Live, and detectives were able to track down the IP address.

Gesell was charged with burglary and two counts of theft. The other two teens, whose names were not released, were referred to juvenile authorities for charges.

The teen told police that he couldn't remember where they were driving when they discarded the ashes.

Gesell’s bail is set at $10,000 in cash.

Sources: Fox 2 News, STL Today / Photo Credit: STL Today


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