Teens Steal Llama From Circus, Take It on Subway Ride (Video)


Five teens were recently arrested for stealing an 8-year-old llama named "Serge" in Bordeaux, France.

The drunken teens were leaving a club last Thursday morning when they walked by a Franco-Italian circus in town, saw the animal in his cage, put a rope around his neck and took him.

According to SudOuest.fr, one of the teens, Mathieu, said: "[We] love animals. It walked it with us as a good dog would have done."

The teens then took the llama on a ride on the subway, which was stopped after reports of the animal (video below).

During the confusion, the five teens then boarded another train (without the llama), but were finally arrested by police at the Place de la Comedie train station.

According to DailyDot.com, Twitter user "x_cappelaere" posted two photos of the llama, with and without the teens.

The teens have become overnight celebrities in France with a Facebook fan page that boasts over 700,000 "likes."

The pranksters will also be facing prosecution for their stunt, which landed them in jail for a few hours.

The llama has returned to the circus, but the director of the circus has filed a criminal complaint against the teens.

Sources: SudOuest.fr and DailyDot.com


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