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Teens Sent To Prison For Manslaughter On Playground

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Robert Kelly and Domnard White were in court for sentencing on Tuesday after beating and kicking a man into a coma.

Last May, Scott Simerson was watching some children on a playground when he noticed a couple of older boys harassing the kids. When he attempted to move the children away, he was attacked by Kelly, 18, and White, 17, along with two other juveniles.

"Mr. Simerson was surrounded by 4 young men looking for all the world like they were wolves closing in on their prey," Judge Donald Johnston, who witnessed video of the event, said. "They ganged up on him striking blows, kicking him and causing his death."

Following the assault, Simerson remained in a coma from May to August until he finally died of his injuries.

During the sentencing, Simerson’s father asked the judge to impose a strict punishment. He noted that while he can’t bring his son back, he can achieve justice.

“I take full responsibility for my actions,” Kelly said during the sentencing. “I just apologize to the family. I can’t bring him back. I wish I could.”

After pleading to involuntary manslaughter, Kelly was sentenced to five to 15 years in prison. White, who turned himself over to police and cooperated with authorities, was given a 3.5 to 15 year sentence.

Sources: Detroit Free Press, ABC News / Photo Credit: Detroit Free Press 


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