Before Police Could Drag Him Away, This Teen's Mom And Grandma Ripped Him To Shreds (Video)

As if the police weren’t bad enough, a Houston teenager was also chewed out by his mother and grandmother as he sat in the back of a squad car, following an arrest for attempted armed robbery.

"What did you do? You did do something. You wouldn't be in this police car. What did you do?" the 16-year-old's grandmother, Deandra, screams.

“Take your butt to school and this wouldn't happen, would it,” she adds. “People work too hard for their stuff and somebody is going to shoot you.”

The boy’s mother was the one to escort the teen delinquent to the police. After Houston police said that a man had reported two suspects trying to rob him at gunpoint near a gas station, the mom put two and two together and took her son back to the scene.

“I don't want to see that, I don't want to see that. I want for the best, and if this is what it takes for him to get help, let him get some help,” the mother said, adding that she’d thought her son was out looking for a job when she heard about the attempted robbery and found out the police were on the lookout for her son.

“My husband said he was well-dressed so I thought maybe he was going to look for a job,” the disappointed mother explained to ABC 13.

The 16-year-old and his 15-year-old accomplice are suspected in another nearby incident, police say.

Sources: Daily Mail, ABC 13


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