Teens Get House Arrest For Raping Woman With Umbrella


Four former students of G. Holmes Braddock Senior High School in Miami were sentenced on Oct. 4 for sexually assaulting an unconscious 21-year-old woman after their prom in May 2016.

Adrian Machin, 19, and Adan Valdez, 17, were sentenced to two years of house arrest and will also have to complete boot camp, reports WPLG. Julio Fernandez and Luis Rosello, both 19, were sentenced to six months of house arrest. They are all required to undergo sex offender treatment and therapy, and also complete 100 hours of community service.

According to police, Valdes inserted an umbrella handle and a marijuana cigarette into the woman, while Machin and Fernandez recorded the incident on their cell phones and Rosello watched, reports the Miami Herald.

In addition to watching, Rosello also “put his face between the victim’s legs and blew on the marijuana cigarette,” according to police.

The rape took place at 2 a.m. Sunday, May 1, at the Bal Harbour Quarzo hotel. Although the victim has not been identified, it has been confirmed that she is not a student or employed by Miami-Dade Public Schools.

This is not an isolated incident, as the following statistics published by Al Jazeera America reveal:

  • In a given school year, 58 percent of 7th-12th graders experience sexual harassment
  • 1 in 5 high school girls say they’ve been sexually assaulted at school
  • 1 in 8 high school girls says she's been raped
  • 18 percent of teens report being sexually abused in their relationships
  • 12 percent of teens admit that they've sexually abused someone they're dating
  • 60 percent of high schools boys find it acceptable to force sex on a girl in some circumstances
  • Only half of high school rape victims told anyone about it
  • U.S. public schools recorded 4,200 sexual assaults in the 2009-10 school year

Sources: WPLG, Miami Herald, Al Jazeera America / Photo credit: WPLG

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