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Teens Facing Charges And Expulsion For Columbine Costumes

Two sophomores at Litchfield High School in Litchfield, Connecticut, could be expelled for dressing up as the Columbine shooters for Halloween and threatening to hurt students.

The teens, who haven’t been named, have also been charged with a misdemeanor, breach of peace, and a felony, inciting injury to persons or property, The New York Times reported.

One of the boy’s lawyers, David Moraghan, said on Nov. 5 that the suspects went to a local Halloween party and as someone commented,  "I bet you're going to shoot up the school.”

“There was a sarcastic response to that, and that was basically the end of it,” Moraghan said. However, one of the girls’ parents called the police.

The teens didn’t have any weapons, fake or otherwise, as part of their costumes. "The costume was essentially black trench coats, baseball caps, and sunglasses," Litchfield Superintendent Lynn K. McMullin told NBC Connecticut. "This is the times we're living in, and we would be inhuman if it didn't put us on edge.”

Moraghan told The New York Times that the police searched the teens’ homes but that “nothing was found in either boy’s home that could in any way give credence to what they claim the boys were going to do.”

McMullin said in an email that “there was no credible threat and students were never in physical danger.”

Moraghan admitted that the costumes were in poor taste, but that “both boys are so remorseful for their stupidity.” 

“There was no risk of anyone being injured, assaulted or harmed. I think it was a very bad Halloween costume two kids thought of that they never thought of the consequences.”

He added that the potential expulsion “is going to be really, really hard on both of them.”

Sources: New York Times, NBC Los Angeles / Photo credit: Image via Wikimedia Commons


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