Teens Face Eviction Following Mother's Murder


Three girls are facing eviction from their family home following the murder of their mother, 42-year-old Michelle Hensel. 

Hensel died Sunday at San Antonio Military Medical Center, nearly a week after being shot in the head by her 43-year-old boyfriend John Arthur Regalado. The attack took place at Hensel's home on Dec. 22. Regalado also shot himself after carrying out his attack against Hensel, and he died at the scene of the crime. 

In the days following Hensel's death, her three daughters have learned that their mother failed to pay rent on their house. The three girls — who range in age from 17 to 20 — now face eviction from the house in which they've lived together for years. One of the daughters also recently gave birth to a daughter of her own, Gizelle Michelle Munoz, three days after Hensel was shot. According to Kens5, Hensel had recently found full-time employment before the attack occurred. 

"They are struggling," Hensel's mother Delia Leija Hensel said to USA Today regarding her granddaughters. "When [Hensel] passed away, the first thing Alexandria said is, 'Now we are going to be split apart.'" 

Hensel's father Fritz has maintained a comparitively positive outlook on the situation, saying, "We are bound and determined to keep our family together. And that's what we are going to do." 

Fritz Hensel also explained that his daughter's organs have been donated in order to help other members of the family. "She donated a liver, two kidneys and corneas. One kidney went to my daughter's father-in-law and it started working as soon as it was put in. It makes me feel like Michelle is going to live on — and with the family," Fritz said. 

A GoFundMe account has been set up in order to raise money to support Hensel's three daughters, and more than $3,000 of the $5,000 goal has been donated in one day. 

Sources: USA Today, Kens5 / Photo Credit: USA Today


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