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Police: Teens Arrested For Racist Graffiti (Video)

Five white teens in Arlington, Texas, were recently arrested for allegedly spray painting racist graffiti on James Martin High School, which is a rival of the teens' school, Arlington High School, on May 26 (video below).

"Unfortunately, you just cannot engage in this kind of criminal activity," Arlington Police Lt. Christopher Cook told KTXA.

The 17- and 18-year-olds allegedly spray painted "Whites Only" over a drinking fountain, and "Trans Only" near a bathroom. They are also accused of painting profanity and vulgar drawings.

"They were pretty remorseful," Cook said. "I don’t think that they gave a lot of thought into the ramifications, unfortunately, you’re held accountable for and there’s consequences when you engage in this behavior."

Martin students were reportedly overheard possibly planning retaliation for the graffiti.

"The next class came in and talked about what they were going to do in return," Martin math teacher Silas Robinson recalled. "Some of the students were saying, 'No, don’t. Don’t react. Because you really don’t know.'"

"For them to do something like that to another school is very disrespectful and immature," Kirstin Pham, a Martin student, added. "I feel like we're all miniature adults and should be treating each other as such."

On May 27, Cameron Bodenstab, an 18-year-old student, confessed the crime to police, reports WFAA.

Bodenstab reportedly told the police that he bought green spray paint, which is Arlington High School's color, and went with the other teens to Martin to paint the jungle gym as a "senior prank."

According to an affidavit, Bodenstab admitted spray painting the words "Payback For The Parking Lot" and "Muck F----- Fartin Martin."

Another student, who is 17 years old, allegedly told police he spray painted an image of a penis and the words "Whites Only" and "Trans Only."

Ethan Sigmond, an 18-year-old student, reportedly told authorities he spray painted the jungle gym green, along with Bodenstab.

Another 17-year-old student allegedly confessed to painting the jungle gym and writing the words: "F--- Martin."

The teens were charged with state felonies for the estimated $20,000 in property damage, and they may get hit with hate crime charges. The students could end up spending months in prison, if convicted.

Sources: KTXA, WFAA / Photo credit: KTXA via YouTube

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