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Teens Charged With Drive-By Murder Claim They Thought Gun Would Fire Blanks


The trial regarding last year’s fatal shooting of Australian baseball player Christopher Lane is currently underway.

Lane, a 22-year-old senior on scholarship at East Central University in Ada, Oklahoma, was visiting his girlfriend last August in the nearby town of Duncan. He was shot in the back while jogging along a road. 

In a recent testimony, 16-year-old murder defendant Chancey Luna admitted that he believed the gun used in the incident had been loaded with blanks. 

“I thought there was supposed to be blanks in the gun,” Luna said, straightforwardly. 

The shooting took place while Luna was riding in a vehicle with two other young men, 16-year-old James Francis Edwards Jr. and 18-year-old Michael Jones. Jones was driving the vehicle, Edwards was in the passenger’s seat and Luna was seated in the back. Luna allegedly fired the gun out of the back seat window towards Lane. 

Edwards agreed with Luna's testimony, also claiming that he believed the gun was loaded with blanks. Edwards, however, faces additional charges of accessory after the fact for allegedly calling someone from jail in an attempt to have the gun destroyed. According to the Huffington Post, Edwards’ murder charges may be dropped for his cooperation in testifying against the other suspects. 

NewsOK reports that Edwards even admitted that he had been talking to Luna in jail. 

“[Luna] just said that he didn’t mean to shoot him. That’s, you know, pretty much it,” Edwards said regarding his discussions with Luna. 

This particular shooting case has gained notoriety throughout the local community because of the shooter and his accomplices’ lackadaisical attitude towards the event. When asked why he and his friends shot Lane, Jones gave “no other reason than boredom,” the New York Daily News reports. 

The judge’s ruling against Edwards has been postponed until May so that the defendant can be appointed an attorney. 


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