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Teens Arrested for Torturing Boy Who Called Classmate 'Gay' (Video)

Four teenagers were recently arrested for allegedly luring a 14-year-old boy into a shed and torturing him in South Portland, Ore., because he called a classmate “gay” on Facebook.

The three boys and one girl were charged with kidnapping and assault, notes (video below).

The police report says a 15-year-old girl lured the victim to the shed (pictured) by promising him drugs and sex. She reportedly goes to school with the victim.

According to the police report, “[She] stated that they had all discussed a plan the previous evening to lure him over to torture him and agreed that she had also demanded that he get a skateboard for her.”

When the victim came to the shed, he was allegedly attacked by the teens with a crowbar and shot with a BB gun at close range.

The teens allegedly forced the boy to eat animal feces and carved a swastika in his forehead with a box cutter.

The teens let the boy go if he promised to bring back some drugs, but the victim fled to a nearby business and called 911 instead.

"What's really shocking about the whole thing is just how ignorant the teens were of the consequences of what they were doing," an unidentified source told KATU. "They just didn't understand that they were breaking the law."

"None of them expressed any remorse, really just shock at how much trouble they were in. They didn't understand that it would be that big a deal," added the source.

Sources: KATU and


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