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Teens Arrested in Beating of Pickup Truck Driver in Detroit (Video)

Two two teens, ages 16 and 17, were arrested on Saturday in Detroit for allegedly taking part in a brutal beating.

Detroit Police spokesman Sgt. Michael Woody said the teens, who were not identified, were part of the group of youths who beat pickup truck driver Steve Utash, notes USA Today.

Utash accidentally hit a 10 year old boy, got out of his truck to check on him and was attack by the mob (video below).

Police claim the 10 year old walked into the path of Utash's truck, who was not at fault.

Utash is in a medically-induced coma with multiple head injuries.

The boy's family told the Detroit Free Press that the youngster is hospitalized with injuries to his knee, lip and foot.

Sgt. Woody said the teens have been cooperative and police are closing in on the others who were allegedly part of the attack.

"To drag this out any further is really futile," Sgt. Woody said. "We're getting closer and closer. We need to put this thing to rest for the sake of the family and citizens."

Utash's daughter Felicia stated, "It's more than good news. I was starting to lose hope, but the detectives and police did their job and worked hard, which is great because my dad deserves justice."

The Utash family has a campaign to cover Utash's medical expenses. They have raised about $65,000, which is more than their $50,000 goal.

Sources: USA Today and Detroit Free Press


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