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Teens Apprehended in Latest Houston Burglary

Three teenagers who broke into a home on Houston’s Springwell Drive were arrested yesterday in the latest in a spate of break-ins in the area. Three got away.

The group of teens found their way into the Northern Houston house in the middle of the night and were greeted by a homeowner bearing a gun, KHOU reported. The family dog heard one of the perpetrators break in through the garage, alerting the homeowner, who grabbed hold of one of the teens.

The burglars had begun seizing jewelry, power tools, and bicycles, ABC Local reported.

The police arrested the detained suspect, along with two more they spotted riding away on bikes they’d stolen. They found a knife and a fake gun in their possession, as well as a stolen truck parked outside the residence.

According to ABC Local, two of the arrested trio are adults, and one is a teenager.

The police are trying to determine if the incident is connected to a string of similar robberies.

According to the Observer-Reporter, three teens in Chartiers Township were charged with burglary after the juveniles, two 16-year-olds and one 13-year-old, attempted to burgle the Chartiers-Houston Library earlier this month.

The boys broke a library window with a brick and entered it, looking for money, but were scared off when the alarm sounded. They were charged with juvenile allegations of burglary, conspiracy, institutional vandalism and criminal mischief.

Last week two McDonald’s employees, brothers who worked in the kitchen, subdued three armed robbers who entered the restaurant around midnight. The burglars were able to flee the scene before police arrived. The incidence could be connected to a string of recent restaurant robberies in the area.

Sources: KHOU, ABC Local, Observer-Reporter


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