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Teens Accused of Killing Homeless Man in Game of 'Knockout' (Video)

Three teenagers, ages 13 to 14, were recently arrested for beating a homeless man, Ralph Santiago, to death in Hoboken, N.J. on Sept. 10.

According to prosecutor Gaetano T. Gregory, two 13-year-olds and one 14-year-old were playing a sick game called "knockout."

Santiago (pictured) was allegedly followed by the three teens on a street when one of the boys sucker punched the homeless man in the head, noted CBS New York (video below).

Santiago's head was then allegedly wedged between two iron fence posts by the teens.

Friends and family of the homeless man mourned him and condemned the senseless act, but it's not clear why none of them took him in and provided shelter after he was evicted from his apartment last year.

“They took a substantial part our life away. My heart a piece of my heart’s gone. Until there’s a conviction, I’m not going to feel that closure,” said Santiago ex-wife, Tracy Squillini.

She recalled how Santiago had been attacked some years ago in the Bronx and his head was repeatedly pounded into the sidewalk, which caused severe brain damage.

“He was just a loving person, cared about everybody, very spiritual. And it just wasn’t deserved," said an unnamed cousin of Santiago.

All three of the teens are reportedly from Jersey City and likely traveled on the Light Rail to Hoboken.

Two of the teens surrendered to police last Thursday, and one surrendered last Friday. All three teens are charged with murder and are being held in the Hudson County Youth Detention Center.

Source: CBS New York


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