Teens Accused of Gang-Raping Girls for Two Years, Bragged on Facebook, Police Made No Arrests (Video)


New Zealand law forbids sex with anyone under the age of 16 or with anyone who is drunk.

However, neither law has stopped an alleged "rape club" in West Auckland that has been getting young girls (many underage) drunk and sexually assaulting them for the past two years.

According to 3 News, the 17- and 18-year-olds call themselves the "Roast Busters," which is a play off the film "Ghostbusters" (video below).

One of their former members was reportedly the son of "Matrix" actor Joseph Levall Parker, who lost a job because of his son's association with the group; a situation that Parker calls a "family matter."

After the teens have allegedly gang raped a victim, they posted videos on Facebook to humiliate the girls, who were too ashamed to report the perpetrators to the police, who claimed they couldn't do anything about it.

"None of the girls have been brave enough to make formal statements to us so we can take that to a prosecution stage," Detective Inspector Bruce Scott told 3 News. "Clearly they are traumatized by what's happened."

"We would love to take some positive action for these girls and others who may be victims in the future, but without actual evidence my hands are tied," added Detective Scott.

Ironically, the police have left the Facebook page up to gather clues, but the same Facebook page keeps victims from coming forward.

"The [Facebook] page was left open for operational and tactical reasons, and whilst we acknowledge it was upsetting for the victims, it was being monitored for information or evidence that would assist our investigation," stated Detective Scott.

However, when 3 News contacted Facebook last Thursday, the page was taken down in two hours after being up for months.

While police could not stop the "Roast Busters" for two years, they have been quick to warn "vigilante groups" that have threatened the teens, reports MSN.co.nz. One possible reason for the hurried action to defend the boys is that a police officer's son was allegedly a member.

3 News also noted that one of the young men said in a video on the now defunct Facebook page: "We take what we do seriously, some of you think this is a joke, it's not. You try and get with the amount of girls we do. This is hard, it's a job, we don't do this sh-- for pleasure."

Another young man stated on video, "A true roast is where you know you are going there intentionally to roast this female. We don't choose a roast, the roast chooses us. We have girls hitting us up to 'hang out with us'. They know what we're like, they know what they're in for."

According to Stuff.co.nz, one alleged "Roast Buster" Beraiah Hales bragged about using "chloroform" on girls whom he would later inform could not be un-raped:

'how would u get a girl? into bed [sic]'' asked one person four months ago.

''Chloroform'' Hales responded.

''What is a saying you say a lot?'' he was asked seven months ago.

''Go ahead, Call the cops, [sic]'' Hales replied. ''They can't un-rape you.''

Nineteen of his friends ''liked'' that chilling statement - girls as well as boys.

In response to a question about whether he was committing statutory rape, Hales wrote, ''It's not rape,. I had sex with one girl who is 13 when i was 16.. She wanted it and that's all that matters [sic].''

The New York Daily News reports that an ex-girlfriend of one of the "Roast Busters" defended the alleged teen rapists.

"Everyone's quick to judge by what they've seen on tv. The girls. Gave consent they weren't raped. They even went back for more," the ex-girlfriend wrote on the now-deleted Facebook page. "I'm not saying it's right what they did. But quick to judge the boys. Plus no girl has even come forward about getting raped. The wrong thing was they were underage. But they still did it regardless."

Sources: New York Daily News, Stuff.co.nz, 3 News


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