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Atlanta Teens Accused Of Stealing Car That Church Gave To Disabled Woman

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A group of teenagers allegedly stole a disabled woman’s car in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rose Cherry is a member of the New Faith Christian Church in the city and she was gifted a new car by the congregation after Bishop E. Devon Phelps discovered that she struggled to get to the church. 

“I told the congregation we cannot have Cherry riding the bus,” Phelps told My Fox Atlanta. “We need to come together and get her a car.”

The charitable churchgoers bought her a 2012 Hyundai Accent.

“It was sitting there with a big silver bow on it,” Cherry told My Fox Atlanta. “I thought I had died and gone to heaven, if that’s what heaven is like.”

Two days after receiving the car, she was reportedly driving the vehicle with a friend when she got into an accident with another car. When they got out to inspect the damage, a group of teenagers reportedly got into the car and fled the scene.

"I turned around and the boys [were] in the car and I said Lord, he's stealing the girl's car," said Leola Stewart, who was with Cherry at the time of the incident.

Along with the vehicle, the teens also allegedly made off with her wallet, camera, and her pink cane.

Now she is hoping for a miracle, saying, "I want my car back because it was a blessing from God.”

Source: FOX, IJReview

​Photo Credit: FOX


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