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Teenager's Arrest For Bicycle Helmet Violation Sparks Controversy (Video)

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A video (below) showing a Los Angeles, California, teenager arrested for an apparent bicycle helmet violation went viral and quickly sparked controversy. 

In the video, a group of police officers are seen standing outside a home attempting to get the teenager to come out and receive a ticket for allegedly not wearing a helmet.

The teen begins to question why he was getting a ticket, and an officer informs him that it was for a “vehicle code violation.”

The young man steps outside and is quickly searched by an officer, before being placed in handcuffs and escorted to a police car.

“Sir, you’re not helping by trying to instigate anything,” the officer speaking to the 16-year-old’s family says. 

“I’m not instigating anything,” the man filming responds. “I’ll say f--- the police.”

Watch the intense situation unfold below. 

WARNING: Contains strong language.

Sources: Free Thought Project, YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube


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