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Teen With Tourette's Screams 'I'm A Terrorist' At Airport (Video)

A video (below) of an Irish teenager with Tourette syndrome repeatedly shouting statements like “I'm a terrorist” while walking through an airport has gone viral.

In the clip, Lewis Nickell, 17, goes through airport security loudly making various terrorism-related comments, the Daily Mail reports.

It was filmed as part of a larger series of videos the boy has uploaded to YouTube to highlight his illness.

Another video shows Nickell trying to read a children's book – "The Cat in the Hat" by Dr. Seuss – yet his condition causes him to swear uncontrollably at random while doing so.

Airport security was not worried by the comments, as Nickell's brother – who filmed the incident – explained his condition to staff.

“Most people realized that I had a condition, but there was a point where I shouted, 'Bomb,' and I saw a woman look at me; she was mortified,” Nickell said, according to the Daily Mail.

“There were a few people looking very worried, especially when I found myself shouting that I was a terrorist, but the staff remained calm and carried on, so I think that made people relax.”

Tourette's, which affects both the brain and the nervous system, is linked to uncontrollable swearing and involuntary movements.

Many with the condition suffer from low self-esteem and embarrassment as a result of these symptoms.

The airport incident was not the first time Nickell had shouted out inappropriate comments, and that's why he wanted to film them.

“I thought that if the videos got shared around the area, then people would know me and then understand it is just my Tourette's and not my fault at all,” he said.

“And it is great because it worked, and everyone in the area knows me now, so I never have any trouble.”

Outside his area, however, the condition can prove humiliating.

"I don't like offending people and I know that shouting things like this is very offensive, particularly where I live,” Nickell said.

“The condition reacts to the environment I am in ... when I'm in a Catholic area, [I'll say things like], 'F***ing Catholics,'” he added.

Nickell says his comments can be embarrassing. 

"Whenever I have to walk past a group of pretty girls, my tics are usually along the lines of 'nice arse' or 'you're well fit,' which is still very embarrassing," he said.

Sources: Daily MailLewis Nickell/YouTube / Photo Credit: YouTube

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