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Video Shows Teenager Attacking Delivery Man (Video)

Video capturing a New York teenager reportedly attacking a delivery man posted Feb. 21 sparked national outrage (video below).

The teenager, who police call “Scooter,” shoved and pushed a man delivering Chinese food in East Harlem, reports the New York Daily News.

When the delivery man fell to the ground, onlookers nearby cheered.

“What’s up with you bro?” the teen says to the Chinese delivery man, while later mocking his accent. The others yell, “Push him, push him!”

Voices in the background continue to encourage the teenager to “take his food” and “hit him again.”

The delivery man begs the teenager to stop and punches him in the face, but to no avail. Onlookers in the background just laugh harder.

Times passes before an adult woman and a man can be heard telling the teenager to “cut that s--- out.”

Police are currently searching for the teenager responsible for the attack.

Thousands expressed their shock and outrage after seeing the video on social media.

While many called the attack “disgusting” and the boy “horrible,” blame was also placed on peer pressure and the parents.

“This was a terrible deed. The delivery man was simply doing his job. Peer pressure is rough, but sometimes you have to stand on your own two feet and say, 'No, this is not right.' This man is struggling, too.” Juanita Jordan said.

“The animal in the video attacking the delivery man along with the animal recording the video are probably out there harassing people on a daily basis. Yet their parents won't discipline their children,” Shawn Brown wrote.

In recent months violence has escalated in East Harlem’s public housing developments, reports The New York Times.

Officer Randolph Holder, a NYPD police officer and Guyanese immigrant, captured international attention after he was shot and killed in the area October 2015, reports The New York Times.

“[Being a police officer] was something that he loved to do,” his aunt, Sherry Holder, told The New York Times. “But recently he was saying that the area in which he worked was a very dangerous area, where everybody owns a gun. And he felt like his life is threatened.”

WARNING: Contains graphic language and violence.

Sources: New York Daily News, Media Take Out/Facebook,The New York Times / Photo credit: New York Daily News

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