Teenager Sues North Carolina Over Climate Change Policy But Is Shut Down


Thirteen-year-old Hallie Turner of Raleigh, North Carolina took her state to court over climate change, but lost her case.

The thirteen-year-old sought a ruling mandating that North Carolina reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by four percent annually, The Daily Mail reports.

The Environmental Management Commission initially rejected her petition, citing it was incomplete and that North Carolina did not allow for state laws stricter than federal. 

Turner sought to overturn the commission's decision, but Wake County Superior Court Judge Mike Morgan rejected her case on November 25.

However, Morgan praised the young activist for her efforts.

 "This court has a great amount of admiration for Hallie Turner and her maturity as a young adult to be involved in a process to try to make a difference in the world," he told News & Observer earlier this month.

Turner and her attorneys are contemplating appealing the ruling.

“I’m going to keep fighting for this issue for as long as it’s relevant, until we don’t have to worry about this,” she said, reports Al Jazeera America.

Turner has been involved in climate activism since she was in fourth grade, attending rallies and marches. She chooses to ride her bike instead of asking her parents for rides, and has spoken at a variety of events.

She says reading Al Gore's book An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming and What We Can Do About It ignited her passion.

"I was [in] about third or fourth grade when the issue of climate change just came up at a dinner table conversation, and I had never really heard about it and I wanted to find out more about it," Turner told a local ABC 11 News reporter  in a video posted to Twitter on November 27. 

"I read Al Gore's book, An Inconvenient Truth, and that just insanely inspired me and opened my eyes to how big of an issue it was, and immediately after reading that I was amazed at how apathetic people were towards the issue."

Sources: The Daily MailChristian Science MonitorAl Jazeera America,  The News&Observer,ABC 11 NewsMic /Photo Credit: The Daily Mail via ABC 11 News

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