Teenager Shot By Store Clerk In Kansas City For Shoplifting A Package Of Cookies

A 16-year-old boy is recovering in the hospital after being shot by a Pic N Save store clerk in Kansas City.

Mohammed Abdi, 26, was taken into custody by police Wednesday for shooting the teenager in the leg, the Kansas City Star reported.

According to witnesses, the teenager was walking towards the door of the store when Abdi fired a single shot. The boy then fell outside on the pavement.

Abdi allegedly shouted “no” before firing, but gave no warning before pulling the trigger.

“I just witnessed the kid coming out, screaming, ‘I’ve been shot! I’ve been shot!'” Calvin Williamson, who owns an auto shop across the street and heard the gunshot, said to Fox 4. “I seen a lot of blood shooting out of his leg.”

“He kept asking me, ‘am I going to die? am i going to die?’” Williamson added.

Williamson tied two belts around the boy’s leg to restrict the bleeding, a move which witnesses claimed saved his life.

“I tied it on tight and just held it there until the paramedics came,” Williamson said. “Once I applied pressure on it, it stopped leaking like a faucet.”

“It just kicked in. God moves you when he has to, yeah, it just kicked in,” Williamson said.

The teenager later told police he had taken a package of cookies while in the store.

“It’s senseless. It’s very senseless for a kid to get shot over a pack of cookies,” a witness added.

Pat Clarke, a community activist, told Fox 4 that he visited the boy and his family in hospital. The boy was in a stable condition Tuesday evening after surgery, and the family was just grateful he had survived.

Sources: Fox 4, Kansas City Star/ photo credit: Kansas City Star


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