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Louisiana Man Murdered, Suspect Is Teen Girl He Allegedly Raped (Photos)

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Authorities arrested a teenager on Wednesday after she murdered a Zachary, Louisiana, man who she claimed had been raping her since she was 4 years old.

Brittany Monk, 17, was arrested along with her boyfriend Jace Crehan, 21, after they allegedly stabbed and strangled Robert Noce, 49, The Advocate reports. The couple reportedly stuffed the man’s body into a 55-gallon plastic barrel and left it in the man’s kitchen.

The barrel was discovered on Saturday.

(Left: Jace Crehan, Right: Brittany Monk, via KTLA)

Monk had previously lived with Noce when she was 2. At that time, her mother and Noce had been involved in a relationship. Sometime during the relationship, Noce allegedly raped Monk's mother. The mother then left Noce, but she continued to leave Monk and her sister with the man because she was unable to care for the girls, according to court documents.

Monk and her sister lived with Noce until 2012.

According to Monk’s statement to police, the man would rape and assault her in a variety of ways such as forcing her to consume sleeping pills and sedatives and telling her that her mother did not love her anymore.

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(Robert Noce, via KTLA)

“Your mom doesn’t love you,” Noce would say, according to one court document. “Your mom doesn’t want you.”

Monk and her sister lived with their mother again in 2012. Monk told her mother that Noce had sexually assaulted her on several occasions. Her mother then contacted law enforcement officials and an investigation of Noce was initiated.

Officials discovered several bottles of sleeping pills as well as six bottles of painkillers and 15 bottles of cold medicine in Noce’s home. Police also discovered three handguns in his residence.

Noce was indicted by a grand jury in 2013 for aggravated rape of a child. He pleaded no contest and got his charges reduced to carnal knowledge of a juvenile on June 22.  Instead of a 10-year sentence, he got five years of probation.

After the murder, the Monk and Crehan were booked into Parish Prison on counts of second-degree murder. Their bail has been set at $400,000.

Crehan reportedly confessed to Noce’s murder and Monk’s DNA was discovered on the drum with the man’s body. 

Source: The Advocate, WAFB

Photo Credit: East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, WAFB


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