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Teenager Molests Teacher In Front Of His Entire Class And Is Fined $2,700

A Swedish teenager was convicted of sexual molestation after he inappropriately fondled his teacher’s breasts in class.

According to reports, the instructor asked the teen to leave because he was disturbing the class and as he got up to leave, he approached her and said he wanted to give her a hug. Instead of hugging her, the student pulled down his pants, pressed up against her, and began to fondle her breasts.

“There, I scored,” announced the boy to the class before walking off laughing.

The teacher reportedly broke out in tears and abruptly cancelled the remainder of the class before going to the police. The teenager initially denied the allegations, but the teacher stood by her claims and eventually, the boy was found guilty.

The troubled teen is being forced to pay $2,700 in fines. He was suspended following the incident, and reports say that he has transferred to a different school.

Sources: NY Daily News, The Local Swedish Edition


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