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Teenager in Massachusetts Arrested for Stealing Two High-Powered Rifles From SWAT Vehicle

Two high-powered rifles were stolen from a SWAT team vehicle last week in Andover, Massachusetts, and now, a 16-year-old boy is in police custody for taking them.

The FBI was offering a reward of $20,000 for the return of the weapons, and on Friday, a member of the suspect’s family actually wound up turning them in. Police are confirming that the reward money will in fact be issued.

About nine hours after the guns were returned, the boy was arrested. He now faces seven charges, including larceny and breaking and entering. The two specific guns that were stolen from the SWAT team truck were a Colt A16-M1 Rifle and an HS Precision Pro-Series 2000 Sniper Rifle. The rifles were stored in a Suburban parked outside an agent’s house in Andover. The agent responsible for the weapons has not been named. It’s illegal for weapons to be stored in vehicles in Massachusetts, but law enforcement is exempt from that.

“That SWAT vehicle was properly deployed in a pre-deployment position at an agent’s residence,” said special agent in charge Jeffrey Sallet. “There are situations where it is proper for FBI special operations agents to secure weapons in a vehicle.”

After finding fingerprints on the SWAT vehicle, authorities were eventually led to the boy. He is now in police custody, and it has not been revealed whether or not he has a criminal record.

The FBI is currently doing an internal investigation of the incident, with the bureau explaining that, “Any loss of weapon automatically generates an internal investigation which is managed by the FBI in Washington.”


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